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A routemap for marketing transformation

Marketing DNA is our proprietary route map focused on systematic and targeted marketing change and transformation. The objectives are to improve marketing operations internally and amplify marketing impact in the market.


It is strategic and tactical tool, an organised way to identify gaps, process efficiency and effectiveness, capability development opportunities and build resilient marketing operations. It's an expansive and adaptive model of modern marketing, specifically designed to accelerate change and performance improvement in marketing. It includes over 30 interconnected marketing disciplines organised in four groups: discovery, leadership, activation and improvement. Underpinning the headline model is our unique operating model structure. We use this to structure, audits, diagnostics, transformation work-streams and build leadership, management and operational systems. The complete model reflects all key marketing assets and capabilities that drive significant brand valuation.


  • Business, marketing, customer and operations strategy alignment and leadership coaching

  • Marketing change and transformation

  • 37 interconnected marketing disciplines

  • Marketing process and capability diagnostic, audit and psychometric profiling 

  • Detailed marketing process modelling

  • Marketing operating model design and execution

  • Customer focus and innovation

  • Collaboration, ideation and knowledge management

  • Emerging technology partner and product management

  • Technology and platform evaluation and selection


  • Integrated marketing, seamless customer experience and effective marketing operations throughout the business

  • Clear understanding of the scope of modern marketing

  • Establishing systematic ways to transform marketing

  • Optimising investment, returns and resource management

  • Effective measurement of marketing performance

  • Developing marketing capability and marketing assets

  • Aligning current and future technologies with marketing operations

  • Effective channel distribution and sales enablement

  • Integrated customer analytics

  • Meaningful metrics and measures

What we do

  • We use it to communicate, collaborate and explain marketing operations, creating 'single shared and expansive understanding' of marketing throughout the business.

  • We use Marketing DNA to assess existing capability, process efficiency and effectiveness, identify gaps and focus resource and investment.

  • We use it to develop systematic change and transformation programmes

  • We use it to focus on specific capability and processes

  • We use it to engineer comprehensive marketing operations, align and deliver strategies, integrate process and technology and develop critical roles and responsibilities


  • Adaptive marketing operations focused on innovation, customers and their experiences

  • Customer and market opportunities specifically targeted at key points in the customer journey

  • Clearly communicated and endorsed customer strategies, aligned to business need an d marketing plans

  • Differentiated value propositions, brand and market positioning

  • Streamlined campaign and targeted content marketing

  • Effective management of marketing assets and resource