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Brand and positioning

Build memorable brands and unique positioning that drive market share, margin and asset value.

We all know brand building is a critical process that creates some of the most valuable intangible assets any business has through a range of differentiated, well designed and distinctive brands. These brands need careful positioning, clearly aligned to value proposed, to continuously grow customer 'mind-share', salience, memorability and positive perception.

Our brand and positioning solutions

Brand portfolio management

Brand portfolios require curation and 'constant gardening' to ensure they remain relevant and useful and that as few brands as possible drive maximum impact 'in-market'

Our brand audits assess brand currency, perception, positioning and the efficiency and effectiveness of brand building and positioning processes. We works with customers and internal stakeholders to identify gaps and recommendations to increase brand equity, mind-share and overall commercial impact of brand building and positioning and ensure your brand portfolio is in good shape.

Brand architecture

Clear definition of brand assets and their relationship with offers and value propositions is an essential step in tactical and strategic brand management.

We help systematically build brands based on quantified market opportunities and value propositions. We use insight into markets and customer perception to amplify differential advantages and design distinctive, meaningful brands.

Brand profiling

Designing distinctive, differentiated brands requires detailed understanding of your market opportunities, value propositions and customers.

Our approach to brand profiling is designed to help understand key behaviours and perceptions, and identify differentiating factors, essence and 'secret sauce' of brands. We use these to align commercial operations and build clear, consistent communications and stronger positioning.

Mindshare strategies

Without mind-share brands fade from view, they become less relevant or noticeable.

We help build strategies that continuously position and re-position brands in the eyes of the customer. We work with brand, marketing and communications teams to ensure that brands remain differentiated and distinctive, that they have salience and currency with target customers.

Brand valuation

Brands are intangible assets and they can only be effectively managed if their true worth is known and understood

Brand evaluation and brand valuation methods using well-established international standards are essential baselines for strategic brand management. We use a combination of our methodology and these international standards to identify and measure asset value and intellectual capital components of brand value.

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