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Shared ownership, shared outcomes

Our 'What if' approach and Purpose Design Templates are designed to ensure innovation and customers remain embedded at the heart of the business and that the organisation is clearly aligned behind shared outcomes.


Developing a shared sense of purpose, shared outcomes and ownership is nothing new, but alignment with a 'higher purpose' seems to have become more popular as brands work to align themselves within an increasingly socially and environmentally conscious world. Our view is that different organisations will have very different views of this, some may align to a higher purpose other may have more practical ambitions. However, we think that differentiation starts by placing innovation and your future customers needs at the heart of your purpose, constantly asking 'what if' will help keep your purpose relevant, not a statement but a living strategy.


  • Challenging and shaping strategies and propositions

  • Shared breakthrough thinking

  • Psychometric profiling

  • Developing shared sense of ownership and outcomes

  • Strategic storytelling

  • Aligning leadership teams

  • Aligning brands, marketing and channels

  • Communicating legacy, history and heritage

  • Aligning 'why', 'who', 'what', 'how' customer problems and opportunities


  • Aligning the business around what really matters

  • Creating a sense of shared ownership and outcomes

  • Focus on creating a better future and putting customers at the heart of the business

  • Building sustainable business and long term brand value

  • Building brands that care

  • Increasing employee engagement

  • Driving customer awareness, engagement, acquisition and retention

  • Focus on what matters, the right customers, products and services

What we do

  • We start by asking 'What if' to uncover disruptive challenges and focus the business on what really matters

  • We use our Purpose Design Template to build a sense of shared ownership and shared outcomes with key stakeholders

  • We use psychometric profiling to find people that can help evangelise change, structure arguments, help us validate and implement business and brand purpose

  • We develop stories, propositions and communications plans to engage people with brand and business purpose and integrate them into marketing strategies and campaigns


  • Improved customer experiences

  • Engaged employees, align and focus on shared outcomes

  • More efficient, effective operations, focus in the right customers and the right opportunities with the right products and services

  • More brand awareness and resonance in key markets

  • Longer term commercial success, especially with future customers that are more socially, environmentally and ethically aware