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The systems and sciences behind successful brands

Systematic performance improvement in marketing has always been a pre-requisite for investment and capability building but the data and sciences of marketing are now creating opportunity for new engineering disciplines focused on systematically building brand equity, intellectual capital, intangible asset and customer value.


We are building a range of new approaches tools and technologies for marketing that support combined revenue and asset management. In short, marketing focused on feeding the P&L, the Balance sheet and most importantly the intangible value of the business, marketing that creates long term asset value for the business as well as shorter term gains, marketing that can quantify and substantiate how this is done. This depends on data and systems thinking. It requires integrated data and insight to understand the mechanics of value creation, to quantify the competencies and capabilities that drive effective marketing and brand building. We are bringing this data together, integrating it through a single framework to develop the insight we need to make 'evidence based' recommendations on how the most important assets can be grown and amplified - the brand, competitive differentiation and customer value.


  • Strategic marketing, value proposition and marketing operations design and development

  • Integrated marketing insight, strategy, operations and performance improvement

  • Mapping marketing disciplines, capability and competency

  • Ingenuity and systems thinking and engineering

  • Organisational design

  • Data and information sciences

  • Process modelling

  • Psychometrics

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • Financial and intellectual capital management


  • Broadening marketing thinking to combine tactical revenue generation and longer term capital value growth

  • Managing short and longer term priorities

  • Developing and managing effective internal and external data, information sources

  • Prioritising metrics and measures, developing scorecards based on current maturity and future expectations

  • Introducing and trusting data sciences, artificial intelligence and machine learning

What we do

  • We use structured diagnostics, audits, benchmarks, process modelling, psychometrics and existing internal and external data sources to quantify and improve performance

  • We break challenges down into manageable, executable chunks, where we can isolate performance challenges and overcome them

  • We work systematically through our proprietary frameworks to gather data, analyse process and capability, build capacity and establish clear recommendations for brand and customer value growth.


  • Systematic performance improvement, asset, revenue and intellectual capital growth

  • Focus on high value growth, sustainable differentiation and market leadership

  • Position marketing as the driver of balance sheet growth as well as revenue generation