COVID - 19: Business Response

Transitioning to a different way for working and next steps in preparing for a future, 'new normal'

Unprecedented challenges

The current Covid-19 crisis has placed all organisations, their people and the communities they serve under immense strain. With entire work-forces being asked to work from home – often when they have never done so before – there are new and unexpected pressures on individuals, teams and managers. None of us planned for any of this, but we have responsibilities to customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders to manage the current situation as well as we can and prepare for an inevitable return to what might be a 'new normal'.

Act now

Some businesses are faced with inevitable contraction, which we all hope will only be a short term challenge, but others still have opportunities to harness the collective capability of their key knowledge workers for the benefit of everyone. Despite the current upheaval those people who can work remotely can add significant value now and help lay the foundations for rapid recovery when the time is right.

Step 1: Connect and motivate your teams

Cost effective collaboration platforms are widely available and the technology for shared working, on-line conferencing and team-work is supported by most of these platforms. However, while some of the technologies and platforms may be familiar, isolation and remote working will be new to many people and some leadership will be required to help people adapt to a different way of working. With some leadership and the right technological support your teams can become highly productive, motivated and continue to deliver value for the business and the wider community.

Step 2: Get the right stuff done

In current circumstances there will be many competing pressures on individuals but in some respects remote working can play an important role alleviating these pressures. In our experience, with the right leadership, remote working can be an opportunity to build value and focus teams on four things that really matter now and in the near term future: adjusting to unfamiliar business and personal environments, prioritising and overcoming immediate disruptive challenges, and planning for accelerated recovery.

The priority for us all is to support people and communities. In doing so we have to 'step up' to some unconventional business principles, partner and collaborate in new ways to help those that are most in need. Through this we will discover what matters, what good revenue looks like and the importance of creating longer term commercial, customer and community value.

Step 3: Don't lose sight of what's important

There are important projects that can be completed even though priorities have changed. There are also new ones that need to start. Leadership need to re-consider business priorities and their readiness to face unforeseen challenges. They need to consider carefully how short and long term strategies actually add value to the business, customers and the support they provide in the wider communities in which they work. Preparing customer and market facing teams for the inevitable rush toward recovery and a 'new normal' is another of these challenges, introducing new capabilities and bolstering key disciplines is a crucial part of this. Even now front-end teams need to find new ways to keep the commercial engines running that means quickly developing and implementing new capabilities and operating models.

Step 4: Prepare for accelerated recovery

While there are obviously challenges to over come now, businesses will need to be well prepared  for recovery and a 'new normal' when it comes. This starts by understanding exactly how customers have changed. Future customers will find themselves in different circumstances, re-building their lives, businesses and communities. |We need to have a strategy that clearly considers the 're-adjustment' customers and our own people face. Ensuring your front-end customer and market facing operations are ready will be crucially important. Having clear, considered business, operational and 'market re-entry' plans will be critical in recovering lost revenue, cash flow and margin. More importantly it will be essential in helping your people, customers and the communities you serve recover too. 

We are all perhaps, set to see the emergence of quite different business models, exactly what they are remains to be seen, but they will be different and they can be better.

What adaptomy can do to help

COVID-19: Phase Zero Recovery Pack

Adaptomy has been working remotely with clients all over the world since its inception. Our consultants have decades of experience of helping people to adapt this style of working.We have designed a specific package to help over come the challenges of COVID-19: Phase Zero Recovery Pack.


This 3-14 day on-line team-working pack is designed for front-end, customer and market facing team to systematically assess current capability and prepare for recovery. It is managed by experienced adaptomy consultants, experienced leaders who can help coach teams through difficult situations. It includes a series of on-line collaborative work-shops, situational assessment, urgent and important activity prioritisation, key capability analysis, key customer and account assessment, risk mitigation plan, key man support plan, accelerated recovery planning.

Leadership support

Many of our consultants have run significant businesses before and held senior leadership positions in major global organisations. They are ready to offer advice to senior leaders at any time and can if required provide 'virtual team' leadership cover for any shortfall in leadership capability.

Other relevant tools and approaches that support accelerated recovery

New tools and road-maps to unify and improve commercial operations

Learn how clients are using our Unified Commercial Engine DNA models and its supporting tools to systematically re-engineer 'front end' operations and build new capability.

New approaches and packages to avoid the pitfalls of orthodox transformation

Discover how we are helping clients embrace change through modular packaged programmes delivered at a cadence that ensures teams can adapt to, and 'own' transformation.

How we work with you, our operating principles and leadership

Discover how we operate, why we think evidence and systematic approaches are important and how these approaches need to reflect the human aspects of change and transformation.

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