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Leading customers to a better future

Our Customer Strategy Scorecard is focused on mapping current and future customer strategy, required performance improvement and operations that drive superior customer experience and market opportunity

Effective customer strategy is about earning the right to lead customers to a future they may not be able to see themselves but it can often be the one strategy that businesses don't have. To deliver the experience customers expect in today's highly competitive markets organisations have to synchronise their value propositions and fulfilment around integrated marketing operations that seamlessly deliver superior service. They are expected to drive innovation, engage at any touch-point, anytime the customer wants and have clear social, ethical and environmental values. They are expected to deliver what 'future customers' need.


  • Shaping progressive leadership teams

  • Developing deep customer insight and customer obsession

  • Strategic storytelling

  • Becoming a scale innovator through disruptive leadership

  • Driving hyper-performance and adaptive operations

  • Developing social, ethical and environmental conscience and becoming a force for good

  • Prioritisation of customer strategies and breakthrough thinking to position future customer needs and behaviours

  • Focus on future customers

  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning


  • An outside-in perspective, knowing what customers need now and in the future

  • Knowing what customers need and want and kinds of experiences they expect now and in the future

  • Finding the right market opportunities

  • Prioritising customer strategies, focusing on longer term customer value not just short term tactical sales

  • Positioning and brand building

  • Delivering new value propositions

  • Changing the business model, embedding new behaviours

  • Staying ahead of disruptive competitors

  • Scaling to meet the challenges beyond 'digital transformation'

  • Managing multiple, competing operating models

  • Fulfilling brand promises promises

What we do

  • We use our Customer Strategy Scorecard to develop clear customer strategies and understand the operating requirements to support them.

  • We help align business, marketing customer and operations strategy.

  • We work with partners to identify progressive leaders and shape teams that can implement change

  • We help define customer objectives, outcomes and value propositions

  • We help develop distinctive market positions and marketing execution capability

  • We help align campaigns, content marketing, customer experience design, distribution channels and sales with customer strategy

  • Use AI and machine learning to understand behaviours and commercial opportunities


  • Clearly targeted customers, touch-points and experiences

  • Earning the right to lead you customers and set the future agenda

  • Clearly communicated and aligned customer strategies.

  • Integrated value propositions, experiences, campaign and content marketing focused on specific customer needs now and in the future.

  • A clear framework to measure what matters to customers

  • More efficient and effective marketing processing clearly aligned to customers needs

  • Operating models aligned to customer needs and behaviours now and in the future