Deal and project rooms

We use collaboration and communication tools to support pre-investment due diligence and project management. These tools contain specific checklists, plans, data and information indexes and links to diagnostics and psychometric tests as well as pre-configured file structures and all the usual video conferencing and application integration.

We've been working with collaboration platforms and business communication tools since the early days using them to engage teams and support projects internationally. Work with corporates, SME's, Private Equity and Venture Capital businesses has led us to develop Deal and Project Rooms, pre-populated with specific check-lists, project set-up documentation, information and data indexes, standard file structures, project plans and connections to other critical applications for diagnostics, audit and psychometric testing. Their structure and content is derived from our methodology, adaptomy DNA and they provide an environment that:

  • Supports efficient pre-investment, post-investment and project set-up

  • Can be configured to fit most project and deal management requirements

  • Enables systematic, efficient and effective knowledge sharing within a pre-defined framework

  • Provides structured indexing of project and due diligence materials from multiple teams

  • Facilitates shared access to key diagnostic, audit and project management tools

  • Offers a centralised indexed repository for key documentation from clients and distributed project or due diligence teams

  • Contains specific checklists, SWOT, process models, discipline descriptions and direct access to selected elements and tools within adaptomy DNA methodology