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Systematic assessment

Our diagnostics and audits tools assess strategy, process efficiency and effectiveness, capability and operating model performance in marketing. They focus on high priority challenges and fast track performance improvement.


Our diagnostics use standard frameworks to assess strategic focus, process efficiency and effectiveness, capability and operating model performance. This allows comparison between elements of Marketing DNA and between different parts of our your business - an internal benchmark, a way to focus effort and resource on processes and capability that most need them. Our audits are more detailed, focused on specific processes and capability. Diagnostics and audit are used to gather evidence and provide essential input to change and transformation programmes, capability building and performance improvement projects but they also offer structured insight and opportunity to direct scarce resource at the most pressing challenges.


  • All disciplines in Marketing DNA: discovery, leadership. activation and improvement

  • Marketing Operating Model design and development

  • Scorecards and management reporting

  • Marketing process and capability development

  • Marketing process efficiency and effectiveness

  • Psychometric analysis

  • Maturity modelling

  • Marketing performance measurement

  • Performance improvement planning


  • Where to invest scarce resource to improve marketing capability and performance

  • Structured comparison of performance between one marketing discipline and another, between one division or business unit and another

  • Accelerating change and transformation

  • Developing performance and capability insight quickly

  • Who is able to help support change and transformation, where are the progressive leaders in the organisation

What we do

  • We design and implement diagnostics and audits across the range of marketing disciplines in Marketing DNA

  • We compare and contrast performance between disciplines, business units and functions

  • We create internal benchmarks and identify challenges, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses

  • We develop action plans to work on diagnostic and audit findings

  • We use diagnostics, audit and other tools like psychometric analysis to gather evidence for change and transformation in marketing.


  • Relative insight into performance and capability in a comprehensive range of marketing activities

  • Detailed insight into performance and capability of specific processes and capabilities

  • Route maps to support investment and allocation of scarce resource

  • Assessment of process efficiency and effectiveness