Transforming unique customer and market insight into qualified and quantified opportunity.

We live in a post-digital world where customer expectations are continuously evolving, where economic and social circumstance change rapidly. The need for effective insight and capability to quickly transform that insight into commercial opportunity has become a source of differential advantage and growth.

Understanding your customers and markets is critical to develop any sustainable growth strategy, create compelling customer experiences and drive quality revenue, cash flow, margin, commercial and customer value. As business leaders try to boost the role of insight in their organisations there's a growing realisation of the gap between leadership aspirations and operational capability to identify and quantify market, customer and commercial opportunities.

From insight to opportunity

Insights tell you what markets are doing and what your customer want, but there are other factors to consider on the path from insight to quantified opportunity. While customer and market analysis can tell you what current customers want and need, it won't always indicate the 'art of the possible'. Simply put, customers know what they know, but they don't always know what's possible. What's possible is embedded in your own innovation capability, emerging technology analysis and what you competitors can do. Combining these perspectives with customer and market insight provides vital additional insight but it's sometimes over-looked. It's a combination of customer and market insight and the 'art of the possible' that helps find market opportunity.

Adaptomy use integrated insight and innovation analysis to distil potential customer and commercial opportunities. We have also built proprietary tools like adaptomy DNA and Future Customer Matrix (FCM) to systematically build Market Opportunity Statements. These are quantified market, customer and commercial opportunities. They ensure that revenue and growth opportunities are clearly communicated and provide a basis for effective prioritisation. Diligence and speed are two of the underlying competencies but these have to be supported by repeatable systematic approaches to create realistic commercial opportunities for sustainable revenue and growth.

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