Delivering capability and tools to ensure effective customer engagement and account growth.

Sales leaders and account managers are re-thinking how they fuel the next cycle of revenue and growth. What sales investment is required when it's seems adding more sales resource or increasing sales capacity doesn't offer any more incremental return.

As new and increasing customer demands heap even more pressure on already stretched sales resource sales leaders are challenged to find ways in which sales and account managers can re-focus on what they do well, sell. A first step in releasing sales capacity and capability lies in understanding and optimising the disciplines of sales enablement. 

Optimising enablement disciplines

Reducing the time sales and account managers spend on administration and operations, releasing capacity and capability to concentrate on sales and nurturing key accounts and fulfilling promises to customers is all part of optimising enablement disciplines.

Companies that have well developed enablement disciplines have significant advantage over competitors. They are able to drive significantly more sales and account management productivity at less cost than competitors, directly contributing to revenue and cash flow. More importantly sales quality of is amplified by virtue of sales and account managers having more time to focus on their customers.


Investment in pipeline, lead generation, sales enablement, account management and fulfilment as an inter-connected set of disciplines has significant benefits. These investments can release sales and account management capacity, increase deal flow, sales velocity and improve win-loss ratios. It creates new opportunity for cross-functional teams to develop better sales management and account development plans, to drive more insight and differentiation into proposals and manage pre-sales, sales and post-sales as a seamless process.

The final arbiter of value is the customer, we all know this, this means that the 'quality of revenue and sales' is far more important than, just a sale. It means time spent with customers to ensure value is actually delivered, that promises are actually fulfilled is crucial. Apatomy's enablement disciplines ensure this step of actual value delivery gets the attention it deserves and is used to drive recurring revenue and longer term capital value.

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