Fast track planning and execution

A systematic way to increase the cadence and cycle time of strategic thinking and action that drives differential advantage and value for all businesses.

Fast track Planning and Execution Framework has been developed in response to the need for more adaptive yet systematic ways to deal with unpredictable markets and customer opportunities. It's a scalable evidence-based service to quickly identify strategically important critical paths, secure budget, quickly execute then repeat. It supports clear, transparent strategic thinking, shared sense of purpose and at the same time provides a flexible framework for value creation and delivery, capability development, capacity management. We've worked internationally with large and small businesses to develop the framework and:

  • Build acute focus on systematic customer and commercial value creation and delivery

  • Deliver new commercially viable market opportunities and differential advantage

  • Comprehensively assesses current state commercial capability

  • Optimise and improve commercial functions like marketing, sales and customer support

  • Dig deeper into specific disciplines and build out 'full stack' operations

  • Identify and systematically build capabilities that drive short term revenue and cash flow and long term capital asset value

  • Provide a framework for zero based commercial operations budgeting

  • Accelerate strategic thinking and action

What the Fast Track Strategy Planning and Execution Framework delivers

An alternative to orthodox strategic planning and execution that's highly adaptive yet systematic. An approach to build strategic capability and capacity and accelerate aligned tactical execution at scale. A way to prioritise critical commercial operations, assess budgets and quickly build differential advantage by focusing on what can be done to amplify customer and commercial value. A way to galvanise teams around shared strategic outcomes and tactical action that cuts across orthodox organisational silos using one methodology: adaptomy DNA. Outputs and outcomes include:

  • Higher cadence strategic planning and execution with no loss of rigour or depth

  • Adaptive strategic planning and fast, aligned execution

  • Emphasis on customer and commercial value creation and delivery at scale

  • Short delivery lead times and realisability that increase buy-in and commitment

  • Improved budget setting and allocation of resource

  • Continuous review and development of commercial capability using repeatable processes, diagnostics, scorecards and dashboards

  • Capability development framework with over 40 disciplines that cuts through functional silos

  • Systematic development of differential advantage, sustainable revenue and capital asset value