New opportunity through unified commercial operations

How our global client is re-defining strategy, sales, marketing and services to deliver seamless customer experience.



Industry: Global technology

Challenge: Strategy and operations

Project type: Phase Zero, duration 14 days


Our client is a global technology company at the forefront of hardware and software innovation, looking to re-shape their commercial operations, combining marketing, sales and support to improve operational responsiveness and deliver seamless customer experiences.


We ran a 14 day Phase Zero Strategy and Planning programme using adaptomy DNA, Wide Angle diagnostics, bench research, one on one stakeholder interviews and an immersive 2 day 'Challenge and Change' work-shop for senior executives form Northern America and Europe.


Prioritised set of strategic development projects, new perspective on customer key customer personas and buying behaviour, deeper insight into marketing and sale capability, a framework for change and customer experience development.

Case study detail




Global hardware and software markets are tough, tight margins, fast followers, constant change. Building commercial operations that deliver seamless customer experience and differential advantage is one way in which our client sought to maintain global leadership in their market.


Why adaptomy?

Adaptomy has extensive experience of building commercial strategies and optimising commercial operations. Our leading edge methods and tools are specifically designed to help commercial organisations drive customer value and differential advantage. And our 'fast' programmes like 'Phase Zero' were seen as a way to overcome pitfalls of orthodox transformation and deliver the rapid, structured results and direct impact on business success our client was looking for.



The key challenges for our client centred around effective integration of marketing, sales and support functions with clear line of sight for all to customer needs and experience. The secondary challenge was to use systematic, evidential approaches to build and implement new, unified commercial operations. 


Approach and focus

We ran a Phase Zero strategy and planning programme using adaptomy DNA and on-line strategy and alignment tests and capability diagnostics to challenge assumptions, assess current and future customers, brand positioning, marketing and sales capability and align strategies with key change and operational improvement and organisational change opportunities.


Value delivered

Within 14 days our client now had a clear framework for unification of strategies, marketing, sales and customer support operations and a new model for seamless customer experience management. They are using these to re-shape and optimise their business processes and transform the way they interact with customers. They are using them to create differential advantage through unified marketing, sales and support and  streamlined global operations that are aligned to deliver seamless customer experience.



..we started working with adaptomy about 6 months ago..they have new ways of looking at commercial operations which are really ground-breaking.

Managing director, Europe



Meet the team

Geraint Holliman


Strategy, brand building, positioning, marketing and marketing capability

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William Wright

Founder and CEO

Strategy, operations, marketing, performance improvement

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