Creating new commercial opportunity through unified operations

How global financial services and technology are re-defining strategy, sales, marketing and services to deliver more customer and commercial value.



In the fast moving world of global financial services and technology, orthodox management of 'front'end' functions are not enough to drive cost efficiencies and growth expectations of our clients, a better solution was needed. To maintain premier market position and offer new differential advantage an alternative to silo'd functions that could drive seamless customer experience and accelerate differentiation is required.

Adaptomy has provided several technology and financial services clients with a set of integrated tools and approaches, including UCE DNA, a modularised road map for building Unified Commercial Engines (UCE). This has provided a reference model, a framework for systematic change and accelerated transformation in 'front-end' operations and a clear path toward improved operations and seamless customer experience. 

Our DNA framework is clearly aligned to each clients strategic imperatives and specific critical paths are established to support and execute their agreed strategies. Within these critical paths mission critical disciplines are explored in 'operational detail' to identify potential sources of differential advantage. Popular disciplines include: future customer journey and market opportunities, quantification of value propositions, positioning, customer experience, channel management, sales enablement and account management. 

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A systematic way to change and transform 'font-end' operations.

"...we started working with adaptomy around 6 months ago...they have new ways of  looking at front-end, customer facing operations which is really innovative and ground-breaking."

Managing director, Europe

Phase Zero exploratory planning and capability development programmes help clients create the case for change and deployment of Unified Commercial Engines and different operational models for strategy, sales, marketing and channel support. For most 'Phase Zero' clients we provide 'in-session' discipline maturity diagnostics, detailed examination of buyer Decision Making Unit (DMU) composition, buying behaviours and user type profiling, connectivity between journeys, market opportunity and customer experience and development of quantified value propositions and account management plans. We also work with them to rationalise operations and develop an organisational model to support the critical path was also part of this programme.


Learning and outcomes

Accelerated decision making

Without a structured road map or reference model development of any unified 'front-end' operations would have take considerably longer. Adaptomy's UCE DNA model, customer journey and experience templates, diagnostics and Market Leadership Modelling tools help leadership teams to focus on critical path disciplines. Collectively these tools offer an integrated tools set for change and transformation.

Systematic appraisal of key disciplines clearly illustrate operational strengths and weaknesses, capability gaps and imbalances between strategic and tactical resource allocation. This helps highlight 'near term' actions necessary to accelerate differentiation, market penetration and growth in international markets and challenges in global channel and distribution management that could be overcome through shared learning and insight.

Adaptive platform for rapid change and transformation

Adaptomy's UCE DNA is not a 'cookie cutter', it is a modularised and configurable framework with many configurations and is being used to under-pin and inform strategic and tactical planning, capability development and perfomance improvement in technology and financial services clients. The extended tool-set has proved particularly useful in focusing on customer experience and Decision Making Units (DMU), buying behaviours and preferences.

We continue to deploy adaptomy tools and approaches to help our clients identify and win new market opportunities, optimise channel management, pricing and execution standards as well as consolidate and optimise operations.

"'s not just about integrating sales and marketing teams. It's a coordinated approach to building commercially focused growth engines, that unify strategy, sales, marketing and customer services - alignment, execution and accelerated growth across the business..."


Future customer focus

Emphasis throughout the programme was placed on 'future customer' needs and behaviours, their decision making and buying preferences. That's not to say current customers were not important, far from it.  


Adaptomy's Future Customer Model, (FCM) helped our client to understand the strategic and tactical business implications as customers evolve and what any new cohort of customers might look like. 


This is a useful extension to customer journey mapping and customer experience modelling highlighting the changing needs and behaviours of customers over time and the relative economic and emotional value current and future customers attach to current and future products and services.


Meet the team

Geraint Holliman
William Wright

We use systematic, structured and modularised approaches to engage and deliver evidence-based solutions to significant business challenges. But it's our compact, focused teams that bring the extensive practical experience and know-how to make things happen. Our aim is to transfer knowledge and capability by working closely with your teams, actively collaborating and coaching rather than consulting to release trapped value and new capabilities.


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