Focusing on future customers, revenue, cash flow, capital asset and intellectual capital management.

Are existing marketing, sales and customer facing operations up to the job? Do they provide the right incentives for growth that business leaders are looking for?

Businesses create real wealth by managing growth in intangible assets and intellectual capital that drive revenue, cash flow, margin and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC). The most valuable assets that companies have are often intangible like brand, know-how, patents, customer relationships, innovation capability and customer insight. These assets are the product of peoples efforts and customer relationships. As business leaders look to 'front-end', customer and market facing operations to increase returns they are also seeking a balanced perspective on short and longer term value generation. That is revenue, cash flow, margin, intangible and intellectual capital value and more specifically the profitability per person (FTE) and capital value per customer.

Improvement services for a post-digital age

Customer and market facing operations are increasingly driven by fact-based insight, data and analytics. In a post-digital age there is no shortage of metrics and measures and vast array of data and analysis. And, more advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning will inevitably transform performance systems beyond current comprehension.


While these tools, analysis and systems are useful, there are some fundamental challenges to overcome. All too often operational focus is on more tactical or functionally specific performance, metrics and measures, lead generation, web traffic, search engine ranking, win ratios and NPS. All of these insights have a role to play in improving performance but without clearer balanced, business focused metrics and measures, any performance system will potentially be misdirected.

Adaptomy uses tools like adaptomy DNA to understand commercial and customer value contribution, that is how specific strategic and tactical disciplines drive revenue, cash flow, margin, intangible asset and intellectual capital. We continue to work with clients to develop new metrics and measures for a post-digital age that maintain clear focus on commercial outcomes, differential advantage and customer economic and emotional value.

Our aim is to establish a range of balanced, business relevant metrics and measures that drive performance improvement in customer and market facing operations, re-connect business, marketing and sales agendas and help integrate shorter and longer term outcomes. These include developing new performance, productivity and market impact measures, unit economics and capital management systems, measures of profitability per person, capital value per customer, ways to quantify differential advantage, customer economic value and brand effectiveness.

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How we work with you, our operating principles and leadership

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