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Insight, innovation and opportunity

Discover disciplines focus on integrated innovation, insight and opportunity development, the objective is to identify unique, qualified target customer opportunities that are valuable to customers, winnable and commercially compelling.

Discovery disciplines focus on identifying target customer opportunities at specific points in the customer journey. These processes are the first group in adaptomy's Marketing DNA, designed to systematically improve insight, innovation and market opportunity management. They provide critical inputs to business, marketing and customer strategy development, positioning and brand building, value proposition development, product and services design. They do this through well crafted and qualified customer and market opportunities.


  •  Customer journey mapping

  • Innovation

  • Insight development

  • External analytics

  • Emerging trends and technology management

  • Customer and market opportunity management

  • Customer, buyer and influencer targeting

  • Competitive analysis

  • Technology and platform evaluation and selection


  •  Understanding customer behaviours

  • Unique and actionable customer insight

  • Competitive differentiation

  • Finding and exploiting the most valuable opportunities now and in the future

  • New technology adoption

  • Integrated customer analytics

  • Meaningful metrics and measures

What we do

  • Integrate innovation and insight processes to identify more creative opportunities

  • Find better opportunities using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to assess buyer behaviours and sentiment

  • Focus opportunities on critical points in the customer journey

  • Define, assess, integrate and improve discovery processes, define roles and responsibilities, improve management systems, reporting systems and organisation

  • Build more informative metrics and measures, management reports and scorecards

  • Assess process efficiency and effectiveness and develop consistent capabilities throughout your organisation

  • Develop innovation and insight communities

  • Support emerging technology and marketing platform implementation, migration and on-boarding


  • Clearly communicated and commercially valuable opportunities focused on target buyers at specific points in the customer journey

  • Improved insight and innovation strategies, processes and operations

  • Unique insight

  • Capability to identify and adopt new technologies for competitive advantage