Creating sources of differential advantage and growth to win 'in-market'.

Progressive leaders know that new approaches and tools are required to drive effective decentralised decision making. Amongst these are systematic approaches and reference models that focus on strategically important leadership disciplines and operations.

Scaling and decentralising leadership, democratising decision-making are sources of differential advantage. These increase the propensity of the organisation to respond successfully to change and adapt to different commercial and market circumstances. Shared reference models are essential to maintain strategic direction, collectively build  and share capability and measure progress. 

Effective decision-making at scale

The nature of work is rapidly changing and businesses are experiencing unprecedented changes in how organisations operate. As these changes take effect progressive leaders are looking for ways to help their organisations adapt quickly to new commercial and customer realities.


One of the keys to success is to focus leadership energy and resource on strategic disciplines that drive differential advantage, customer and commercial benefit. Adaptomy support this using several integrated tools including; adaptomy DNA, Business and brand purpose modelling, Future customer modelling, Market Leadership Model (MLM). 


Several strategic disciplines need to operate seamlessly to quickly convert market opportunities into executable strategies that can drive targeted differential advantage for the business and customers. We work with leadership teams to create shared understanding of unified behavioural and operational models that drive revenue, cash flow, margin, intangible asset and intellectual capital value for the business and economic and emotional value for customers.


Our aim is to develop innovative leadership, aligned behaviours, decentralised non-functional operations and decision-making, that systematically bridge gap between opportunity and seamless customer experience. One pivotal discipline in achieving this outcome is Quantified Value Propositions (QVP's). These align decision making around clear commercial and customer outcomes, they provide clear direction for downstream sales and marketing processes and a sound foundation for strategic and tactical performance review.

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New tools and road-maps to unify and improve commercial operations

Learn how clients are using adaptomy DNA model and its supporting tools to systematically re-engineer 'front end' operations and build new capability.


New approaches and packages to avoid the pitfalls of orthodox transformation

Discover how we are helping clients embrace change through modular packaged programmes delivered at a cadence that ensures teams can adapt to, and 'own' transformation.


How we work with you, our operating principles and leadership

Discover how we operate, why we think evidence and systematic approaches are important and how these approaches need to reflect the human aspects of change and transformation.

"...adaptomy's work on Quantified Value Propositions proved invaluable in clarifying commercial and customer opportunity and incredibly useful in engaging account management..."

Strategy lead, Global Technology Business