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© 2019 adaptomy limited, All rights reserved         adaptomy is a limited company registered in England and Wales, registration number: 10199370


We bring together a range of leadership, strategy, marketing, operations, technology and consulting disciplines to deliver performance improvement, change and transformation in marketing and marketing operations.

We understand the challenges of change and transformation in marketing and the complexity of modern marketing operations. We know from experience that these challenges and complexities cannot be underestimated. We also know that marketing and marketing operations are going through unprecedented change. We have integrated the disciplines required to support this change through disciplined route maps, evidence based consulting, diagnostics and audits. These disciplines help find the right opportunities, design and execute the right strategies and drive performance improvement through more efficient and effective marketing operations. We've developed tools and approaches to help leadership find the right teams to help and new methods to focus businesses on innovation and future customer value. 

Marketing DNA

A route map for systematic marketing transformation

Customer strategy

Keeping current and future customers at the heart of the business


An innovative approach to building purpose by asking 'what if'

Diagnostics &


Strustured assessment of marketing performance and capability


Integrated insight, innovation and market opportunity management


Building differentiation, positioning, customer and operations strategy 


Delivering targeted campaigns, content and customer experiences


Measuring marketing performance and building new capabilties