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Measurement, analysis and growth 

Improvement disciplines focus on measuring operational performance and 'in-market' impact of marketing. They also focus on growth of marketing assets, core competencies, intellectual capital, reputational and brand value.

Improvement disciplines concentrate on building distinctive marketing capability throughout the organisation - marketing excellence. They focus on efficient, effective operations, raising execution standards, cost effective processes, agility, adaptiveness measured from the customer and business point of view. These are the shorter term goals of improvement. The longer term goals are to build core competencies that competitors find hard to replicate and manage the assets of marketing, amplifying intellectual capital and brand value. To do all of this requires a different mind set, new metrics and measures and much more sophisticated analytics.


  • Performance management

  • Process improvement

  • Marketing resource management

  • Psychometrics and progressive leadership development

  • Process and capability diagnostics, audit and analytics

  • Market impact analysis

  • Customer experience and feedback analysis

  • Capability building, coaching and mentoring

  • Marketing asset management, intellectual capital and brand value management

  • Predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning


  • Integrated analysis - internal performance and market impact

  • Strategic and tactical resource management, visibility of over and under performance, resource optimisation

  • Increased pressure for cost reduction, margin growth, better revenue quality and market penetration

  • Focusing on asset value and growth, not just tactical gains, lead generation and conversion

  • Effective marketing process mapping and process improvement

  • Motivation, reward, recognition and incentive management to drive the right behaviours

  • Adoption and deployment of new analytical approaches, platforms and technologies

  • Alignment of strategies, tactics, campaigns, content and channels to drive improved customer experiences

  • Finding the right teams to lead change and transformation in marketing

What we do

  • Identify performance, process and capability gaps, challenges and opportunities in marketing disciplines

  • Assess marketing operations maturity

  • Identify critical path processes, information flows, roles and responsibilities and develop and implement performance improvement plans

  • Build progressive leadership teams to implement change and transformation through coaching, training and mentoring

  • Assess existing marketing technology stacks

  • Review and support implementation of marketing platforms, applications and technology

  • Identify brand, marketing asset and intellectual capital growth opportunities

  • Establish Marketing Operations Offices to orchestrate marketing change and transformation


  • Customer visibility, clear 'voice of the customer' and ability to anticipate and respond quickly to changing customer behaviours

  • Improved conversion and retention with marketing operations focused on target buyers and aligned throughout the organisation to deliver seamless customer experiences

  • Improved marketing execution capability, more efficient and effective processes, especially: experience management, campaign management, content marketing, customer contact management, channel and distribution management

  • Effective, streamlined governance and compliance

  • Clear execution and behavioural standards

  • Increased brand value, better marketing asset management and increased intellectual capital