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Implementation and delivery 

Activation disciplines are all about effective execution of change and transformation strategies and delivery of marketing campaigns, content and experiences 'in market'. They focus on seamless execution and fulfilling promises.

Activation disciplines bring marketing strategies and brands to life, delivering seamless customer experience through integrated campaigns and compelling content delivered to target customers at specific touch-points. Efficient, effective marketing operations make this happen. This is where customers experience marketing operations, where they interact, consume and engage. This is where the action is, where customers decide.


  • Customer experience management

  • Context management

  • Customer contact management

  • Brand activation

  • Integrated communications management

  • Campaign management and content marketing

  • Product and service launch, promotion and fulfilment 

  • Channel and distribution management

  • Community management

  • Regionalisation and localisation

  • Technology and platform evaluation and selection

  • Marketing operations management


  • Competition for target buyer 'mind share'

  • Deeper engagement, acquisition and retention

  • Effective targeting and lead generation

  • Seamless marketing execution and operation across Business Units, departments and functions

  • Governance, compliance, ethics and execution standards

  • Delivering much more for much less - continued drive toward efficiency, cost reduction, capacity improvement

  • Customer demand for higher quality, relevant marketing delivered at their point of need

  • Complexity of delivery and distribution channels

  • Accelerating pace of technological change, emerging technology evaluation and technology platform and application selection and integration

What we do

  • Align marketing strategies, tactics and business plans

  • Assess operational maturity and focus on customer experience

  • Diagnose performance and capability strengths, weaknesses, challenges in activation disciplines

  • Develop effective governance and compliance, ethical and behavioural execution standards

  • Define, assess, integrate and improve activation processes, define roles and responsibilities, improve management systems, reporting systems and organisation

  • Build capability through coaching and mentoring

  • Support emerging technology and marketing platform implementation, migration and on-boarding


  • Customer visibility, clear 'voice of the customer' and ability to anticipate and respond quickly to changing customer behaviours

  • Improved conversion and retention with marketing operations focused on target buyers and aligned throughout the organisation to deliver seamless customer experiences

  • Improved marketing execution capability, more efficient and effective processes, especially: experience management, campaign management, content marketing, customer contact management, channel and distribution management

  • Effective, streamlined governance and compliance

  • Clear execution and behavioural standards