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Modules and packages

Ways to help make change and transformation happen and design the right programmes and critical paths.

Our methodology is modularised, creating opportunity for our customers to focus on just one or two commercial disciplines, map a critical path for development or scope specific projects more easily. We have also developed a range of 'time-boxed' packages to avoid some of the pitfalls of traditional transformation, and a range of packages for 'fast-track' strategy, accelerated Commercial Due Diligence and offer management.

Our modules and packages

DNA disciplines

Building winning commercial strategy and capability not happen by accident. It's built systematically.

Our methodology is modularised, groups of inter-connected, yet distinct disciplines, capabilities and processes have been engineered to make it easier to focus on specific strategic or operational performance or develop several disciplines in a critical path toward a tactical or strategic goal.

Time-boxed projects

Long, complex transformation projects don't tend to work too well, shorter, time-boxed one do.

We've developed a range of time-boxed approaches to avoid some of the pitfall of traditional change programmes. These include, short, 1-7 day events to scope and prioritise plans, 1-6 week kick-start projects focused on specific challenges, pathfinder and accelerator programmes for more complex challenges, but generally no project longer than 24 weeks.

Fast-track strategy

Strategy development and planning tends to be done annually, while that may still be required, more adaptive approaches can help build resilience and re-enforce strategic objectives.

We have developed a short, 'fast-track' strategy package that can be deployed much more frequently. It's based on a specific a critical path of commercial disciplines extracted from our DNA methodology. It's used to drive discovery, gap analysis, strategy formulation and action planning or augmented with other disciplines to develop more comprehensive strategy.

Accelerated CDD

There are significant benefits to systematic, structured Commercial Due Diligence.


Working with investment managers and portfolio companies we have developed a modularised, packaged form of CDD. It is being used to scope and price projects. Three packages, basic, advanced and premium are available, plus there are options to build bespoke packages to suit specific requirements by adding more modules or tools from our DNA methodology.

Strategy in a day workshop

Sometimes all it takes is a clearly structured approach, a reference model and challenging discussion to find differential advantages and strategies that can win 'in-market'

Our 'strategy in a day' workshop is for leadership teams to have wide ranging and deep conversations to discover differential advantage and prioritise actions. Using our DNA model we provide context and structure to build strategy highlight, and prioritise operational actions to execute the strategy.

Offer management pack

Many companies concentrate on products and services management and fail to see the customer benefits of 'offers'

Our offer management package brings together product management and services management to develop offer portfolios. The approach is based on our 'fast track' strategy module and includes assessment of market and customer opportunities, product market fit, leadership and strategy, quantified value propositions, GTM plans and communications review and scale-up propsects.

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