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About Nick Johnson


Nick Johnson
Associate Director


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Working with clients in the renewables, cleantech and technology sectors to deliver quantifiable commercial value from strategy, marketing, communications and business development.

Providing support and advice to an acquisition, fundraise, sale or merger on how to position successfully for the process in terms of the external face of the company; advising on areas such as value propositions, profile, investor presentations, stakeholder relations and commercial effectiveness.

Focused on creating and delivering integrated commercial, marketing and communications strategy to demonstrate value to customers, investors, partners and key stakeholders; advising on growth strategies, providing market intelligence, consulting on mergers and acquisitions and providing introductions to partners and customers.

Substantial experience developing commercial programmes to drive customer acquisition, revenue growth and retention; incorporating research and analysis techniques to examine market dynamics and develop clear and focussed strategy.

My approach is collaborative and down-to-earth, focused on results, and building strong and fruitful long-term relationships with key stakeholders. 

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