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We offer two kinds of package: core value propositions and implementation packages. Core value propositions deliver specific marketing and operational outcomes aligned to our Marketing DNA. Implementation packages provide 'time box' change and transformations to help people engage and see practical outcomes quickly.

We developed packages because our customers asked for them. Some like our 'Stand Out' value propositions were built originally to help ambitious venture backed SME's, but have quickly raised interest from much larger organisations keen to develop more distinctive positioning. Our implementation packages are used to help all organisations focus on outcomes and make change happen. We developed them to overcome one of the greatest challenges in any change and transformation: lack of engagement.

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Understand future customers, their journey, behaviours and what they need and want. Integrate innovation and insight to identify the right opportunities, Use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to understand audiences, sentiment and drive Customer Lifetime Value

Maximising market opportunity

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Develop measures and diagnostics focused on deepening insight into internal and external marketing performance. Create performance systems that drive the right actions and behaviours and build new capability to marketing assets and intellectual capital.

Critical performance and impact analysis

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4-6 week programme to uncover performance challenges and provide clear work-streams to make change happen. Identify 'jobs to be done' that will build marketing capability, improve marketing operations and customer experience and increase the impact of marketing campaigns.

Quick wins, 'jobs to be done' and priority worksteams

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Working with your teams to build 'time boxed' marketing change and transformation programmes that maximise engagement in your organisation, custom design of marketing disciplines and capabilities and the programmes you need to implement them.

Tailored design, build and implementation

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Develop leadership and purpose, find disruptive talent and focus on future customers and target buyers. Create truly engaging customer stories and strategies, aligned with operational capability. Develop distinctive positioning and value propositions that can be delivered.

Distinctive positioning for specific customers

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Focus on 'future customer' operating models and management systems. Drive systematic change using Marketing DNA road maps and supporting tools. Establish Marketing Operations Office to enable new capability, capacity and superior 'in market' performance.

Systematic marketing transformation

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8-12 week programmes, run in sequence or parallel to build distinctive capability in one or more strategic disciplines. Develop new marketing operating models and implement leading edge platforms and technologies that can drive marketing transformation.

Build distinctive marketing capability and operations

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Amplify customer connections and align customer strategies and tactics 'in market'. Build capability to deliver targeted campaigns, communications and content to specific buyers at key points ion the customer experience. Ensure sales and channel partners execute to the right standards.

Targeted experiences, campaigns and content

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A 1-5 day programme to focus, 'hack strategies', develop disruptive ideas, set priorities, assess leadership teams and key stakeholders, build a shared sense of threat, opportunity, purpose and outcome. Develop briefings, assign roles and responsibilities, set expectations.

Fast track orientation and 'strategy hack'

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12-24 week programmes to embed change and transformation and align the organisation around new strategies, operating models, value propositions, positioning, performance systems and on-board enabling software platforms applications and technologies.

Integrated 'fast tack' implementation