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Performance improvement

Systematically build commercial operations that increase revenue and profit margin.

Systematic performance improvement of commercial strategy and operations is a source of differential advantage that the best companies exploit to their advantage. It's a source of differentiation that's very difficult for competitors to replicate and a way to significantly increase customer and commercial value.

Our performance improvement solutions

Gap analysis

Improving commercial performance begins with clear understanding of commercial objectives, how they are set and how well the business is performing against them.

We use our methodologies to systematically assess the efficiency and effectiveness of commercial operations, identify capability and capacity gaps in driving customer and commercial outcomes.


Structured, standardised diagnostics are a useful way to measure and benchmark improvement in commercial operations.

We have developed a range of Deep-dive diagnostics to measure specific disciplines, capability, capacity, efficiency and effectiveness. We have also developed diagnostics for Commercial Due Diligence and Wide-angle assessment of multiple commercial disciplines. We use these to quickly assess current state and suggest immediate action.

KPIs & scorecarding

The purpose and value of key indicators of commercial success need to be clearly understood and measured.

By collating and visualising Key Performance Indicators, developing metrics dashboards and measurement scorecards we help business build visibility and effective control over their commercial strategies and operations. 

Improvement process design

Continuous, systematic performance improvement in commercial strategy and operations one of the ways businesses can drive real differential advantage.

By leveraging our methodologies, road-mapping and critical path development approaches we help our customers systematically identify, profile and improve specific commercial processes or groups of processes.

Revenue enhancement

Revenue and margin growth are critical elements of commercial success. 

We help commercial organisations develop and implement marketing and sales programmes that drive potential increases in revenue and margin. We focus on market opportunities, value propositions and pricing strategies that amplify profitability and cash flow.

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