Private equity and venture capital investors

We've created a new 'Growth Roadmap' to confirm market opportunity, differential advantage, risk and commercial, marketing, sales and operational capability. It delivers integrated pre-investment due diligence, post-investment plans and returns, based on our proven, seamless methodology for strategic planning, execution and operations improvement: adaptomy DNA

A well worked thesis needs to be confirmed or challenged but time may be short, information may be incomplete and the disciplines required to drive commercial growth and returns may not be clear. We've built a practical, systematic and integrated approach to cut-through this, isolate and assess specific commercial disciplines, systematically assess opportunity, risk, proposition, differential advantage, operating models and the capability of the business to deliver planned returns. It brings together commercial, marketing, sales and operational due diligence, focuses attention on viable investment and 'fast start' execution plans and seamless transition to post-investment action and strategy execution. Key benefits include: 

  • Building buy-in - a transparent, collaborative approach to develop a realistic commercial plan and investment strategy that works for the investor and portfolio business

  • Focus - a Growth Roadmap to systematically target expert assessment, evidence-based evaluation and post-investment capability building

  • Flexibility - an adaptive approach that can pivot quickly to assess or develop new commercial opportunity, additional disciplines, capability and operations 

  • Scalability - seamless bridge between due diligence and post-investment execution using one integrated methodology to build and deliver commercial strategy and growth

  • Insight - a framework for on-going portfolio benchmarking, deeper data and trend analysis

Collaborative value management

Inclusive engagement model, targeted value creation, delivery and improvement work-shops

Adaptomy Engagement Model and collaboration platforms

Collaborative, co-creation approaches and platforms for investor, investee and adviser engagement, knowledge sharing and review

Commercial opportunity assessment

What's the opportunity worth, what does it take to win 'in-market'?

Market and opportunity sense-check


Market mapping and customer opportunity assessment, proposition comparison, competitor profiling, product and service review, primary and secondary market analysis 

Commercial pre-investment planning 

What's the investment and commercial operations plan to deliver differential advantage and accelerate returns?

Re-think differential advantage and growth strategy

Strategic planning, opportunity management and value proposition testing, commercial capability assessment, management team review, psychometrics and forecast data analysis

Growth and change management

Accelerated execution of agreed 10, 100 and 365 day commercial development plans, pivots and investment strategy

Orientation, scale activation and renewal


10 day Fast start primer, 100 day plan execution, NPD, GTM plan, 365 day rolling value management and operations development, capability building and investment management

Adaptomy DNA: value creation, delivery and improvement

Seamless methodology for pre-investment analysis, planning and post-investment change, scale-up and growth. Entirely scalable from pre-investment through to full-scale commercial operations

Focused on effective opportunity management, differential advantage and value delivery capability 

Adaptomy DNA: PE | VC Growth Road-map (42 assessable disciplines)

Portfolio and investment strategy alignment, structured market analysis and customer interviews, deal room management, information and data indexes, diagnostics, commercial critical path analysis, commercial forecast analysis, commercial capability and capacity assessment and development

For investors, investor-backed businesses and their advisors...

A systematic, scalable, evidence based service to seamlessly assess investment risks and opportunity and grow investor-backed businesses. An approach based on one integrated methodology that clearly connects pre-investment planning and post-investment action. We support investors and their portfolio businesses with:

  • Growth strategy, value creation and delivery review

  • Market mapping and opportunity assessment

  • Value proposition development

  • Customer acquisition and revenue management

  • Operating model and capability building review

  • Commercial due diligence

  • Deal Room management

  • Accelerated post-investment planning and execution

  • Sustainable growth and 'next stage' development

Goals and outcomes are pretty straightforward:


  • Get behind the headlines to find risk and opportunity and systematically evaluate commercial operations and growth potential

  • Develop practical strategies that don't overwhelm portfolio businesses but do provide the right balance of challenge and support to build capability and pace to 'win in market'

  • Find and develop creative talent and entrepreneurial teams that can systematically drive scale-up and growth in portfolio businesses

  • Build shared understanding of how to optimise investment and grow, using clear road-maps, repeatable processes and diagnostics

  • Optimise and consolidate due diligence processes to get a comprehensive view of the business and its opportunities

  • Mitigate investment risk and accelerate change, scale-up, integration and growth

"...we need an integrated approach that amplifies the value of commercial due diligence and feeds seamlessly into post-investment success.."

Manging Director, Strategic Equity