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Many businesses begin their efforts to build value propositions with bold aspirations to change the customer experience and communicate 'value' in a series of succinct marketing statements. But all too often there's insufficient quantification of commercial value and customers economic and emotional benefits. Without this any value exchange is unknown and early benefits of a proposition can't be evidenced and therefore endorsed by business leaders. Without this, the value proposition is unlikely to be successful in the longer term.

Value propositions are at the nexus of planning and execution, linking strategy, market opportunity, brand building, positioning, operating model design, customer experience, content marketing and account management. Business leaders are quick to see the benefits in customer satisfaction, loyalty and lower service costs but what about economic and emotional value to customers? Seeing value from the customers perspective is critical and the foundation of any good value proposition. Understanding that value in sufficient detail means Quantified Value Propositions, (QVP's).

Make no mistake, there is no shortcut to designing or delivering QVP's, they require expertise and persistence, skill and imagination. When they are done well, there is clear quantification of value for the business and customers, there is shared understanding between strategists, marketers, sales and operations about the value being delivered and the economics of the exchange.

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"...adaptomy quantified commercial and customer value, buying behaviours and preferences within complex autonomous vehicle eco-systems, this was instrumental in us winning one of our first major contracts in this industry.."

CSO COO, Advanced Technology and Systems business

A Kick-start market opportunity assessment, brand building, positioning and value proposition development programme was run that uncovered emerging and rapidly developing ADAS and autonomous vehicle eco-systems. Several of the eco-systems for OEM's, Tier 1, new infrastructure and communications companies were mapped in detail. Decision making units, buying preferences and buying behaviours of target accounts were analysed in detail to identify multi-account positioning and quantified development opportunities. Special attention was paid to specific key account navigation and the differential advantage our client could offer within quickly evolving macro and micro mobility eco-systems.


Learning and outcomes

New mobility eco-systems

Analysis of traditional supply chains within the fast evolving macro and micro mobility markets would have been futile. Adaptomy's approach to focus on quantified market opportunity quickly uncovered new eco-systems with quite unexpected relationships.


Prohibitively high research and development investment demands, new entrants and disruptors, particularly in ADAS and autonomous markets had driven formation of new relationships. The net effect was new and rapidly evolving eco-systems of global buyers and suppliers. Adaptomy's work with client leadership teams clearly identified several compelling propositions that could propel our client into this rapidly developing market and position them as 'leading edge' provider of 'in-life' analytics for mission critical safety and security systems. 

Deep insight and analysis to uncover differential advantage

Adaptomy's approach to quantification of market opportunity, brand building, positioning and value propositions development is a result of many years experience developing and executing strategy. We know that the only way to discover and clearly communicate differential advantage is to quantify it. That is to quantify commercial value and customer economic and emotional value and the differential advantage you can offer customers beyond that which they currently get from alternatives.

To do this requires structure, systematic approaches, deeper insight, data and analytics particularly around market opportunity, buying behaviours and buying preferences. It also requires imagination and ingenuity to make a compelling, emotionally engaging proposition. The bottom line is that the commercial and customer differential advantage that is the essence of brand building, positioning and any proposition is often hidden in detail, not obvious and takes time and energy to develop. Clearly quantified and prioritised value propositions help align strategy, sales, marketing and operations to drive sales, margin, cash flow and Return on Net Assets (RONA).

"...any value proposition can only be developed from the customer point of view. It's customer perception of value that's is important and exactly what differential economic and emotional value they attach to your offer, over and above that of any

alternative. Without this perspective there is little more than a description of your products and services..."


QVP's and intangible assets

Often, the focus around value propositions design and development reverts to tactical business advantage, driving revenue, profit and cash flow. It's important to remember, that while this is important there are other more important factors. Not least, the emotional and economic benefits for the customer, and, the intangible value for the business. Quantified Value Propositions are a link between strategy and execution, a 'value lever' and a source of intangible asset growth and increased intellectual capital.


A distinguishing feature of market leading companies is their investment in intangible assets and intellectual capital like brand building, customer relationships, training and knowledge management. All of these are assets that feed value propositions, they can be used to amplify differential advantage, they are more difficult for competitors to replicate and have more profound impact on the emotional and economic value for customers.


Meet the team

Sarah Wicks
William Wright

We know Quantified Value Propositions (QVP's) rely on effective inputs; effective leadership, clearly communicated strategy and detailed market opportunity analysis. We also know they are difficult to develop and that means more structure and systematic approaches. Adaptomy methods and tools including our Unified Commercial Engines DNA help to do this and provide a strong foundation for brand building, positioning and execution of winning strategies 'in-market'.


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