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Innovative customer, market and commercial strategies that drive value creation and growth.

Fast-track and Deep Dive strategies that meet the challenges of unpredictable markets, economic and environmental conditions to build sustainable growth and value. Our systematic, modularised approach to strategy has been engineered and distilled over many years to deliver market share, differential advantage, profit, cash flow and increased asset value.

Our strategy solutions

Innovation strategy

Identify and capitalise on unique ideas and ingenuity that are at the heart of value creation and growth.


We help businesses capture the best ideas about customer needs, products, services and operations and transform these ideas into commercial initiatives that drive differential advantage, revenue and growth, 'in-market'.

Go To Market (GTM) strategy

Deliver compelling and quantified value propositions to the right customers at the right time, at the right price and position your brand and business quickly realise its market ambitions.

Our systematic approach to GTM ensure all the component parts are quickly assembled and in place to capture market share and drive growth. We specialise in exploiting the unique differential advantages that you have to engage, acquire and retain the best, profitable customers, build sustainable revenue streams, positive cash flow, tangible and intangible value in markets with the best opportunities.

Market and customer strategy

Build adaptive market and customer strategies that truly reflect changing market opportunity, current and future customer prospects.

We help businesses find new ways to assess, quantify and penetrate target markets, build market opportunities, engage, acquire and retain valuable customers, that appreciate your value propositions, product and services now, and in the future. We focus on 'customer economics', meeting the explicit and unmet needs and expectations of customers and building their perception of value.

Commercial strategy

Delivering integrated strategy, marketing and sales to better support customer experiences and optimise operations has long been the ambition of senior business leaders.

We help businesses to integrate and optimise strategy, marketing and sales operations using Adaptomy DNA methodology, internal and external data and evidence to drive systematic change and transformation. It's a unique approach engineered to build capability and differential advantage.

Business strategy

Resilient, customer-centric, evidence led business strategy designed to ensure valuable customers remain at the heart of the business.

Our experience tells us that business strategies must remain flexible and always aligned to customer need, core capabilities and clear commercial outcomes. We help businesses make this happen by focusing on specific market opportunities, products, services and capability to fulfil customer needs within these markets and maintain the ability to pivot when required.

Value management strategy

The focus of most marketing and sales today is on revenue. While that's important, another major priority to build intangible asset value is potentially ignored.

Our methodologies and tools build a more balanced perspective around value management for businesses and their customers. We help businesses find ways to systematically build intellectual capital and intangible asset value, drive, revenue, profit and cash flow and create new value differential advantage for customers. We use Adaptomy DNA as a value management system.

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