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Global insurance and asset management: commercial strategy and operations

Re-design of commercial strategy and operations, new 'go to market' action plans

The challenge

Our initial brief was to improve content marketing, throughout a series of subsequent projects that brief changed to help define a systematic way to craft a differentiated commercial strategy and lay the foundations for a new commercial operating model.

What we delivered

  • New strategic positioning, market situational analysis, customer needs and unmet needs analysis, market macro trends, differential advantage, market messaging and dialogue, narrative and positioning.

  • How to win in target markets, brand evolution, challenger brand journey, brand building and brand asset management.

  • Strategic process road-map, sequencing and back-fill, product to value selling transition.

  • Customer journey and experience mapping to expose additional customer value, product and service opportunities, adviser and customer market analysis.

  • Review of current communications, campaign, content marketing and channel management strategy and tactics and design of new strategies, tactics, processes and procedures for strategic and tactical execution.

  • Support to redefine the commercial operating model, core processes, roles and responsibilities.

Key take-aways

  • Systematic approaches to improve commercial strategy and operations really work.

  • Wherever you start with our methodologies and approaches we can quickly realise benefits and positive outcome.


We initially engaged with Adaptomy to address  a tactical content marketing challenge.

They landed really quickly, and we quickly realised that their evidence-based approach and capability across end-to-end value delivery process was going to be invaluable in implementing the necessary systematic, process-driven approach to customers that Canada Life needs to win in market.

Keith Bibby, CMO Canada Life UK

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