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High growth VC backed MarTech: market opportunity, category definition, QVP and pricing strategy

Post investment market targeting, go to market strategy and category accelerator

The challenge

After we completed Commercial Due Diligence on their recent investment, we were asked to calibrate enterprise tech market opportunities in the USA, quantify value propositions, develop pricing strategy, develop and define a new and unique category that the business could lead.

What we delivered

  • Quantified multi-billion dollar market opportunity in seven large enterprise technology market segments in the USA for content creation and management technology.

  • Identified target prospects with appropriate budgets and propensity to buy in each segment.

  • Mapped customer journeys, needs and buying behaviours to specific marketing and sales initiatives, products and services.

  • Quantified 3 primary value propositions, 9 offer sets and associated differential pricing strategies that emphasises the unique capabilities and differential advantages of the business, its products and services.

  • Developed strategic direction, purpose and new category definition to exploit differential advantage wit associated strategic messaging and narrative.

  • Profiles the impact of new commercial strategies on operating models, offer, product and service management capability and capacity.

Key take-aways

  • Quantified and segmented multi-billion dollar opportunity in the enterprise technology market ion the USA.

  • Quantified 3 primary value propositions aligned to 9 offer sets supporting design, attention, decision and outcome economics for target customers.

  • Defined a new and unique category the business could lead.

  • An example of our 'straight through' due diligence to scale-up and growth approach designed to fuel post-investment acceleration.


Even  now, months after you did this work, I refer back to report and find more that I can use...


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