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Deep Tech VC-backed, SOC developer: QVP and brand

Same product, totally new quantified value proposition, 500x increase in contract value

The challenge

Our initial brief was to develop new value propositions and brand positioning for the current 'System on Chip', (SoC) optimisation product set and a new market entry strategy for autonomous vehicles market.

What we delivered

  • Market opportunity assessment, value propositions and brand positioning for current product in current markets

  • Market mapping of autonomous vehicle manufacture and supply to understand transition from 'supply-chain' to 'eco-system'

  • OEM and Tier 1 supplier Decision Making Unit profiling and available target budget review

  • Quantified differential advantage for OEM's and Tier 1 suppliers

  • Prioritised key customer benefits and outcomes

  • Built 3 primary value propositions for OEM's, Tier 1 and infrastructure suppliers based on the value of 'real-time' insight and risk mitigation

  • Identified target prospects in autonomous vehicle eco-system and additional ancillary market opportunities in assurance, compliance and data based partnerships

  • Packaged brand positioning and value propositions

Key take-aways

  • Without changing any products or services increased contract value by 500 times through multi-year agreements rather than short term rolling contracts

  • Developed and entirely new, quantified 'risk mitigation' value propositions that transformed thinking about targeting market opportunities, value, pricing and contract negotiation.


Adaptomy quantified commercial and customer value, buying behaviours and preferences within the complex and fast moving autonomous vehicle eco-systems. This was instrumental in us winning one of our first major contracts in this industry.

Aileen Ryan COO, UltraSoC

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