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About Will Wright


Will Wright
Founder & CEO
BA Accountancy, FCIM

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As a senior leader in AT&T, NCR, Answerthink-Hackett and Sopra-Steria,  I've been lucky to work internationally with some of the best organisations in the world delivering complex change and transformation, marketing, technology and operations programmes. I founded Brand Intellect, a predecessor of Adaptomy, to systematically improve strategy formulation and marketing performance. I then founded adaptomy, a truly progressive proposition to capitalise and productise learning from Brand Intellect and  systematically reshape and integrate strategy, marketing, sales and customer facing operations. 


I have unwavering belief in progressive leadership, future customer obsession and disruptive thinking as enablers of transformational growth. An accountant and engineer turned strategist and marketer. After 35 years of learning in leadership, strategy, marketing and technology helping to make change happen as a corporate executive and entrepreneur. I work with business leaders to drive innovation, new 'customer futures' strategies, better operating systems and ways of working to systematically improve performance, strategy, marketing and sales.

Some have said I'm a bit of a maverick, I see that as a complement and agree I have an unusual career that transcends four disciplines: business strategy, marketing, innovation and technology enabled change. But, through that career I've experienced corporate, consulting and entrepreneurial success with start-up, angel backed early growth and large organisations across multiple sectors working internationally in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East.


Now working with adaptomy customers, large and small, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms to systematically create and manage value and growth.

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