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High growth tech, data-led demand generation: market opportunity and QVP's

New category defining quantified value propositions and competitive positioning

The challenge

Our brief was to identify and quantify market opportunities, assess the competitive landscape, develop differential advantage and quantify value propositions for Convertr products and services.

What we delivered

  • Structured review current commercial and brand assets and inputs required to quantify value propositions and 'back-filled' where required.

  • Interviewed and profiles key customers to identify decision making groups and buying behaviours.

  • Reviewed and profiled all key competitors.

  • Developed and quantified headline value proposition and 3 other propositions for specific customer groups plus supporting 'secret sauce' stories and strategic narrative that clearly differentiated the business from any other competitor.

  • Assessed offer, product and service management strategy, tactics and capability.

  • Developed a business framework aligned to new value propositions and differential advantage for integrated processing and a demand management eco-system.

  • Used Adaptomy diagnostics to collect, structure and analyse internal stakeholder inputs and perspective.

Key take-aways

  • Identified and prioritised the real differential advantages that competitors would find difficult or impossible to replicate and provided quantified insight into how much that was worth.

  • Helped position strategic thinking and strategy around the value that customers really wanted, what they valued most, what they would really pay for.


Adaptomy isolated our true differential advantages and very quickly built the case for several new quantified value propositions that have become an integral part of our business strategy, commercial operations and investment thesis going forward.

Emma Bowkett, CEO Convertr

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