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Global Tech enabled language services: post-merger marketing asset integration

Post merger brand, 'secret sauce', differential advantage and market positioning

The challenge

After a recent merger of two of the worlds largest language services providers, we were asked to help define the post-merger vision, purpose, values, brand architecture and differential advantages of the new combined entity and build strategy toward a future market position.

What we delivered

  • Reviewed existing vision, mission, purpose, offers, brand assets, market opportunities and key audiences of each of the entities in the merger.

  • Worked with the new leadership team to define and agree new vision, mission, purpose and strategic direction.

  • Structured interviews and 'first hand' discovery sessions and work-shops with key customers and internal stakeholders.

  • Used Adaptomy brand building and value proposition diagnostics, (part of our DNA methodology) to structure and accelerate analysis of input from internal stakeholders 

  • Identified new brand assets, brand vision, brand concepts and 'secret sauce', a way to convey vision, mission, differential advantage and brand through pillared stories

  • Isolated 3 core competencies, nuanced understanding and differential advantages of the combined business. 

  • Developed brand profile and strategy including: corporate vision, mission and purpose, brand architecture, brand personality, key brand assets, brand narrative, target markets and audiences.

Key take-aways

  • Alignment of leadership team around a common vision, mission, purpose and value and agreement on key brand assets of the new, combined business post-merger.

  • Clear differentiated direction for the brand and ways to communicate that direction through structured stories.

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