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Adaptomy DNA is a unique methodology focused on value and growth

Sense. Re-think. Propagate. Fulfil. Renew. A methodology forged through many commercial projects with large and small businesses, venture capital companies and private equity firms over the last 20 years.


Eliminate silo's and functional constaints, adopt a new ontology, taxonomy and vernacular focused on value creation, delivery and growth through over 60 integrated disciplines. Transform and integrate strategy, marketing, sales and commercial operations.

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The stack - six layers

Layer 1 - A new framework to create and deliver customer and commercial value

Layer 2 - The disciplines of commercial strategy and operations

Layer 3 - Detailed flows, cycles and connections

Layer 4 - Detailed, inputs, processes, outputs, roles, responsiblities and technologies

Layer 5 - Operational, financial and organisational metrics and measures

Layer 6 - Operating model management

C-DNA Diagrams and illustrations 02 - new stack 01 - cropped.jpg
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Adaptomy DNA: Comprehensive, systematic, silo busting commercial and customer value management 

Proven: Based on over 20 years of commercial consulting and management

Practical: focused on real-world commercial outcomes, not functional silos

Progressive: always being developed, improved and optimised

Depth & detail

  • Over 60 disciplines defined

  • Complete integrated processes

  • Process roles and responsibilities

  • Detailed discipline explanations

  • Discipline diagnostics

Applied learning

  • Built upon real-world projects

  • Works in Corporate, SME, VC and PE

  • Changing commercial Due Diligence

  • Structured insight

  • Easy to understand anmd apply

Outcome based

  • Drives customer-centric action 

  • Focused on value delivery

  • Eliminates functional silos

  • Cuts through the noise

  • Puts everyone on the same page

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