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Adaptomy DNA

Adaptomy DNA is a unique methodology focused on value management and growth

A methodology forged through many commercial projects with large and small businesses, venture capital companies and private equity firms over the last 20 years.


It's used to identify and focus on critical paths, quantify market opportunities and value propositions, formulate commercial strategy, build capacity and capability and ultimately drive commercial value, multi-channel communications, product and service design, pricing, sales, revenue and growth.


It's also a way to help you systematically unify strategy, marketing, sales and commercial operations and deliver seamless customer experiences and differential advantage.

An 'outside-in' view of adaptomy DNA

Adaptomy DNA is a value management system with four main components, each of these contains specific disciplines that create, 'make available', deliver and improve the value a business can offer to customers.

Value creation

Critical innovation, insight and leadership disciplines that create value for customers.

Understand how customers perceive value, how they think about it, what it means to them. Innovate, develop insight and use collective ingenuity and leadership to find and create more value and differential advantages for your customers.

Value availability

It's one thing to create value, but often the 'art of the possible' isn't clear to customers.

Value availability focuses on communicating the value your business can offer to specific customers and developing 'mind-share in those customers.

Value delivery

Go beyond the sale and revenue generation to understand the tangible and intangible value that customer get, whet they really want.

Ensuring products and services are delivered is not the only thing customer expect. It's important to listen to customers and fulfil all the promises made through value propositions, your brand and the experiences you offer.

Value improvement

Commercial strategy and operations focuses on revenue, margin and cash flow, but it should also focus on intangible assets and intellectual capital.

Commercial teams manage some of the most valuable assets a business has, often worth many times annual revenues. Value improvement promotes a balanced and more adaptive approach to growing revenue and margin and capital asset value.

An 'inside-out' view of Adaptomy DNA

Within Adaptomy DNA there are five primary engines and a range modules, roadmaps and tools wrapped around the DNA disciplines. These are used to build capability and capacity and systematically drive positive commercial outcomes.


A range of disciplines, tools and techniques used to understand quantify, and prioritise market opportunities.

Discover what your customers are trying to do, what your competitors are doing, the dynamics and potential of key markets and ultimately focus resource and investment on the best segments and commercial opportunities.

Strategy and leadership

Disciplines that build on market opportunities helping you to quantify value, design business, customer, market, marketing, product, service and pricing strategy.

Isolate your differential advantages and understand customer economics to inform your brand building, your positioning, salience, reputation, product, service portfolio and commercial operating models.


Build capability and capacity in core disciplines that deliver products, services and customer experiences 'in-market'.


Prioritise channels, target distribution and align communications, campaigns, content and media to the right connections.


How sales are enabled has become a critical differentiator for many leading businesses. 

Effective demand management, sales and account management support, and perhaps most importantly fulfilment can help drive sales volume and velocity, upsell and cross-sell. 


Clear systematic ways to improve commercial strategy and operations, are required to develop competitive advantage.

Our methodology focuses systematically building capability and capacity, efficiency, effectiveness in revenue, margin and cash flow as well as capital asset and intangible value management.

Modules, roadmaps and tools

Our methodology is modularised to help construct road-maps and critical paths, focus on specific disciplines and agree scope and pricing.


We have developed discipline-based diagnostics and range of tools, and templates to define purpose, develop ideas, craft stories, architect brands, define opportunities, quantify value propositions, build operating models, develop metrics and measures scorecards, execution standards and more.

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