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Adaptomy DNA, systematic
opportunity, value management and growth methodology 

Transfrom your strategy, marketing, sales, commercial opportunity and performance. Know why, when and how to take ideas to market, create customer value, 'win in-market', drive cash flow, build commercial capability and capital assets.


Adaptomy DNA, is a unique methodology for systematic commercial scale-up, growth, strategy, marketing, sales and operational capability building and value management. It's based on 64 commercial disciplines supported by proven diagnostics, templates, process maps, a range of proprietary tools and experienced practitioners. It's used to deliver integrated growth road-maps, future customer success, margin and asset value.

Adaptomy is a value management and growth consultancy business 

We work internationally with large businesses, private equity firms, venture capitalists and ambitious SME's to systematically build differential advantage, profitability and asset value for all stakeholders. We provide services to cover all commercial disciplines of our DNA methodology, but our main and most popular services include:


Innovative customer, market and commercial strategies that drive value creation and growth.

Commercial Due Diligence

Accelerate post-investment scale-up and growth with a new  kind of commercial due diligence.

Market Opportunity Mapping

Qualify, quantify, segment and prioritise your most valuable target market opportunities and customers.

Quantified Value Propositions

Quantify differential advantage and worth that key customers, decision makers and other stakeholders expect.

Brand and Positioning

Build memorable brands and unique positioning that drive market share, margin and asset value.

Commercial Operations

Seamless marketing and sales execution, enables compelling customer experiences and growth.

Sales Enablement

Optimise revenue and cash flow through effective demand, sales and account management.

Performance Improvement

Systematically build commercial operations that increase revenue and profit margin.

Value Management

Exploit key enablers of tangible and intangible asset value to amplify competitive advantage and ROI.

Modules and packages that accelerate value management and growth 

We understand that some projects need to be tailored to meet very specific requirements. However, we have also developed a range of modules and packages to help scope, price, optimise and deliver our projects. 

Our work
Building sustainable 
value and growth capability 

Deep Tech VC-backed, SOC developer: QVP and brand

Same product, totally new quantified value proposition, 500x increase in contract value.

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Leading UK Private Equity: modularised, fast track CDD

Targeted commercial due diligence, wider, deeper, faster and less intrusive.

We work with large and small businesses, Venture Capital companies and Private Equity firms. Using unique, systematic approaches, ingenuity and commercial know-how we help build and deploy differentiated commercial strategy and operations that drive value and growth.

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Global EdTech: Commercial strategy

Systematic commercial strategy design, transformational operating model.

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Global wealth, insurance and asset management: commercial strategy and operations

Re-design of commercial strategy and operations, new 'go to market' action plans 

Value-led business

We're building a sustainable business focused on creating, delivering and improving contribution and outcomes for all stakeholders.

Trusted to deliver differential advantage

Structured, systematic value management and growth, at any scale, focused on driving clear commercial advantages for our customers. Customers, that include large global businesses, ambitious SME's, Venture Capital businesses and Private Equity firms.

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Perspectives on commercial value management and growth

A collection of periodicals, articles and perspectives on value management and growth.

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Adaptomy bulletin

A topical periodical focused on value management and growth. A collection of headline articles, spotlights on industry leaders, thoughts on value and growth and useful reading.

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Metrics that matter

A short series of articles de-coding commercial growth and performance metrics like Marketing ROI and Cash Flow.


Adaptomy quantified commercial and customer value, buying behaviours and preferences within the complex and fast moving autonomous vehicle eco-systems.

This was instrumental in us winning one of our first major contracts in this industry.

Aileen Ryan COO, UltraSoC

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