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Adaptomy Bulletin 4th March 2022

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Issue No.1 by Geraint Holliman and Will Wright


Clearly there is nothing we can say that will alleviate the suffering of the people of Ukraine. Ordinarily we would offer an opinion or perspective on a world event, or try to assess its impact on our world, but in this case we cannot. Whilst our and corporate clients are all desperately attempting to help their own local contacts in Ukraine, of whom there are many, we can only offer support and hope sanity prevails soon. You can provide support through many channels, the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal is one.



Adversarial collaboration and a lesson in humility

Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Laureate, and widely feted professor of Psychology and Public Affairs at Princeton published an incredibly useful podcast on adversarial collaboration, an approach which could be very useful in business to test assumptions and belief.

He also confessed that he may have been wrong regarding research on 'behavioural priming' and the primacy of scientific evidence that only supports your own beliefs. A humble confession from such an eminent thinker is a lesson in humility for us all, it is refreshing to hear. Even the most brilliant minds get it wrong sometimes: so, there is still hope for the rest of us! Listen to his excellent video blog here: Edge Foundation Podcast, Daniel Kahneman - Adversarial Collaboration


Stuff we're thinking about

Just a few things from recent blogs, our 'nudges', thoughts on value and growth and the kind of stuff we're thinking about, an endless stream of topics and points of interest....

Metrics that matter - Marketing ROI

MROI is probably the metric that causes most heated debate in Casa Adaptomy. Marketing expenditure is treated as a cost, not an investment, not an asset and cannot create a ‘return’ in the true accounting sense so is there any value in Marketers hanging on to MROI as a measure of success? Read the Adaptomy blog here: Metrics that matter and those that don't

Thoughts on Value and Growth:

Are MQL’s more than the name would suggest?

As a kick-off to this regular feature we pose the question does MQL have a value beyond sales pipeline and revenue? There is a growing debate on qualification of leads, what they qualified for, how they should be scored, assessed, prioritised, and managed and how leads of all kinds contribute to value and growth, or not. Probably more to follow on this one we think! What do you think? Read the ‘nudge’ here: Linkedin Post - Thoughts On Value and Growth No.1


Footnotes: things you might have missed

  • Bynder buys GatherContent. Bynder has always been one of the leading lights of the DAM (Digital Asset Management) space and this link up with one of the most highly regarded content workflow management platforms feels like a good fit. Read more about it here: GatherContent joins the Bynder family

  • ContentCal acquired by Adobe. Our friends at ContentCal have been doing a great job helping businesses and creators publish content that audiences love, since 2016. Silicon Angle reported that "Adobe Inc. has acquired social media marketing ContentCal for an undisclosed price, although Bloomberg reported today that the deal was for more than $100 million". Read more here: Silicon Angle Article on ContentCal Acquisition


Quote of the moment...

"The problem is the ratio of ears to mouth is completely out of sync", Global CEO on the power of active listening.


What we're reading

Confessions of a Pricing Man by Herman Simon

Actually not reading but listening on Audible. Entertaining, full of useful tips and tricks, this book is a fountain of knowledge for all marketers. As one of the fundamental 4Ps, pricing is the most undervalued tool in the Marketers armoury. Definitely worth reading (or listening)! Hat tip to Mark Peacock pricing coach for the recommendation.

Converted by Neil Hoyne, (Chief measurement strategist at Google)

A great, very easy to read insight into how data can drive long-term relationships through conversation. If you want to avoid ‘spaghetti-to-the-wall forms of digital marketing’, build stronger relationships with customers and create real competitive advantage using data, this is a great introduction - best chapter, in our mumble opinion: Listen to the right voices.


Get in touch

Any comments, queries or counter-arguments? What are your views on Systematic Value and Growth? Feel free to contact us we'd love to hear from you.

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