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Systematic product management

Adaptomy is delighted to announce completion of another offer, product and service strategy and management assessment. Over the past few months we have been working with a global corporate to assess market opportunity, product viability, go to market and scale-up and management of one of its key strategic products.

Working with project, programme and product management teams from throughout the business Adaptomy completed a comprehensive review of product strategy, management and tactics. The review was designed to inform ongoing investment decisions.

Adaptomy used its 'fast track' strategy and Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) model to systematically review:

  • Market & customer opportunities

  • Product market fit

  • Product leadership & strategy

  • Go to market readiness, strategy and tactics

  • Scale up opportunities

  • Product management capability

Approach and methodology

This tried and tested approach has been developed and used in Adaptomy projects with SaaS, IT, Content, Demand Management and Anti-piracy businesses to help develop their offer, product and services strategies and to complete due diligence on behalf of Private Equity and Venture Capital firms.

The approach focuses on evaluation of key disciplines extracted from Adaptomy DNA, our proprietary methodology for commercial strategy, operations and capability building. These disciplines include:

  • Customer journey analysis and structured interviews

  • Development of market insights

  • Quantification of market opportunities

  • Assessment of product and go to market strategies

  • Quantified value propositions

  • Assessment of product management capability, operating models and workflows

  • Review of product management leadership

  • Brand building assessment

  • Offer portfolio review

  • Risk management assessment

  • Product management review

  • Service management review

  • Communications planning and execution

  • Customer feedback management

  • Performance improvement assessment


Key outputs from the project included:

  • Opportunity on a page

  • Detailed progress review

  • Strategic priorities

  • Significant opportunities (functional and in market)

  • Challenges and recommendations to overcome them

  • Focus areas for further investment

  • Customer interview and feedback analysis

Learn more

If you would like to know more about how Adaptomy can help drive systematic product management, help improve commercial capability using Adaptomy DNA or simply understand more of what Adaptomy can do then please contact us.

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