Integrated pre-investment planning and due diligence

A comprehensive, scalable approach configured for specific investment strategies and portfolios using one methodology that delivers more value for money, precision and insight throughout due diligence: adaptomy DNA.

We've been working with Private Equity, Venture Capital and investor-backed businesses to build a different, systematic, adaptive and integrated approach for pre-investment planning that provides a solid foundation for post-investment scale-up, change and growth. Our approach brings together market opportunity assessment, proposition review, marketing, sales, customer support and commercial delivery capability. One integrated approach that's focused on building viable post-investment discipline and capability that drives value creation, value delivery, differential advantage, sustainable revenue and capital asset value:

  • Focuses on and develops collective buy-in to investment and commercial development plans

  • Optimises and consolidates several due diligence processes

  • Comprehensively assesses current state commercial opportunity and operations

  • Gets behind the headlines to find risk and opportunity

  • Evaluates operations and growth potential

  • Mitigates investment risk

  • Systematically accelerates change, scale-up and growth

What the Growth Roadmap delivers

Systematic review of current, scale-up and growth capability and capacity of the business across specific commercial disciplines. Clear plans for accelerated post-investment action and the foundation for on-going performance assessment and portfolio benchmarking. For investor and investment backed businesses it provides a transparent 'standard critical' path for commercial due diligence and a clear framework for post-investment growth based on one methodology: adaptomy DNA. Outputs and outcomes include:

  • Clear focus on building differential advantage and growth

  • More cost-effective alternative to orthodox commercial due diligence

  • Current market, opportunity and proposition development

  • Review of operational capability and capacity

  • Assessment of marketing, sales and customer support strategy and operations

  • Structured evaluation through repeatable process, diagnostics, scorecards and dashboards

  • Growth Roadmap 10 day Fast Start primer and 100 day Critical Action Plan

  • Structured systematic approach to scale-up, change and growth

  • Access to a team with extensive international experience of managing and developing commercial operations, strategy, marketing and sales

  • An adaptive and systematic approach to growth that's focused on the disciplines rather than the functions for accelerated growth and value delivery

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