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Quantified value propositions

Quantify the differential advantage and worth that key customers, decision makers and other stakeholders expect.

Go beyond messaging and product propositions and quantify the differential advantage that you offer and the value you create for your customers. Build propositions focused on what customers can expect to gain, explain those gains in a way that customers can relate to. Show them the value being generated and use the differentials to drive your brand, marketing, sales, product, service and pricing strategies.

Our quantified value proposition solutions

Customer and buyer journey mapping

Deep understanding of what customers are trying to do is an essential first step in quantifying the value of your offers.

Our customer and buyer journey mapping build perspective about customer strategies, goals and behaviours. We use a variety of tools to illustrate customer interactions, buying processes propensity, barriers and opportunities to engage, acquire and retain at every point in their journey.

Needs analysis

Customers perception of value is driven by their needs, wants, assumptions, fears and beliefs.

We help businesses understand expressed and unmet needs, motivations, attitude that drive customer behaviours. We search for the drivers that 'make customer tick', influence their decision making and determine how they recognise value in what you and your competitors have to offer.

Value quantification

There's no value proposition without quantification.

Unfortunately too many propositions are weak, unsubstantiated statements of functional capability. Our approach prioritises the tangible and intangible benefits, differential advantage and quantified economic value for customers. We focus on how value is monetised for you and your customers and the impact this can have on down-stream disciplines like brand building, positioning, pricing and offer management.

Differential advantage analysis

Competitive differentiation is interesting, but what really matters is differential advantage - what is it that customers value over all other alternatives offers, products and services?

Like any good competitor analysis Adaptomy’s differential advantage analysis considers competitor business, offer, product, service and positioning. However, we go much further, to find and develop differential advantage, capabilities that customers value that competitors will find difficult or impossible to replicate.

Communications planning

Value propositions are effective when quantified, but they need to be clearly communicated too.

We help convert value propositions into forms of language that specific customers can understand. We help distil key messages for specific audiences. We help ensure the right messages are targeted at the right internal and external decision makers at the right time.

Playbooks and calculators

Repeatable process and a consistent approach to building value propositions is essential to prioritisation of different market opportunities.

We have built a range of playbooks, calculators and tools to help define and prioritise market opportunities, qualify and quantify value propositions.

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