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Introducing Adaptomy REACH

Are you still trying to justify the existence of a functional silo? Are your commercial disciplines really connected? Do you have a clear commercial operating model, a consistent methodology to build capability? Do you know how the business creates customer and commercial value and where your intellectual and capital assets are?


Ten months ago I wrote Adaptomy DNA, White Paper Part 1, 20 years of innovation. That was to be followed by part 2. This is the plan for part 2. Part 2 will not be a white paper, it will be a movement, a collaboration to continuously develop the methodology and implement it to drive 'real-world' commercial outcomes.

Step one: Time for change

It's time to change the narrative of commercial strategy and operations. It's time to stop talking about functional siloes like Public Relations, Marketing and Sales and start talking about business and commercial outcomes like scale-up, growth, market leadership, revenue, margin, cash flow, capital asset and customer value. It's time to cut through organisational barriers and functional ambiguity to understand and use the key disciplines that drive commercial outcomes, what they are, how they are connected and what commercial and customer value they create. 

It's time to abandon 'pretty periodic tables', loosely configured approaches, 'single point' tools and techniques that were never imagined to work together, that don't work together efficiently, that can't work together. It's time to develop integrated disciplines and processes that deliver value.

It's time to change perspective and embrace a new ontology, taxonomy, and vernacular. A perspective that combines systematic and human factors, inputs, outputs, processes, meabingful metrics, behavioural economics, and psychology. A way to bring together valuable tools, academic research, practical experience, to clearly define disciplines, establish clear connections, and configure these disciplines for any kind of organisational model.

This is what AdaptomyDNA was designed to do. With over 60 disciplines already defined and supported by detailed process models, tools, and techniques we're well on the way to changing the narrative. It's a map for all stakeholders to understand where value is created, delivered and contribution that commercial strategy, execution, and operations make.

Step two: Ask everyone to help

Creating a methodology to change the narrative is one thing, but it's needs to be used and owned. That's what AdaptomyREACH is all about. It's a platform where commercial innovators can engage with peers and experts, where they can access Adaptomy DNA, contribute development and share in the outcomes. It's full of spaces where different 'outcome-based' commercial conversations can take place, where innovators can help shape disciplines, learn and share insights within a common, systematic 'organisation agnostic' framework.

We're starting with scale-up and corporate business challenges. If this is something that interests you, or you know a great company that could make a real contribution or benefit from a unique combination of collaboration and systematic commercial methodology, reach out or visit AdaptomyREACH.

The challenge

As we move through 'super-early bird' and work with development partners we are looking for commercial innovators, people who truly want to change the narrative. We want the methodology to take on a life of its own, to be developed and implemented by enthusiastic practitioners, we would love to see commercial strategy, execution and operations become the disciplined, accountable and impactful entity that is can be.

We want to know what you need, how you'd like to use the platform and the methodology, we want to understand the commercial challenges you're facing and how you're currently dealing with them. We want to find ways to ensure the method and the platform overcome real-world commercial challenges.


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